Pansy Parkinson

Daily Prophet Editor

19 January 1980
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Name: Pansy Philomena Parkinson
Nickname(s): Pans, pet, love
Birthday: January 19, 1980
Age: 23

Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Soft black
Height: 5'6 (167.64 cm)
Build: Slightly muscular. Toned.
Defining marks: A small pansy tattoo on the back of her neck (which is why she keeps her hair down) and a pale raised scar across her right shoulder from the war. Also has her navel pierced and to this day wonders why. And finally...a tattoo of an old cross on her wrist that she got for her 24th birthday.

Wand: Cherry and phoenix ash, eleven inches
Wand hand: Right

Residence: Nott Estate
Occupation: Editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet
Friends: Millicent Bulstrode and Tracey Davis Currently only speaks with Theodore Nott and Draco Malfoy.
Pets: An Eagle Owl named Helios.


First impression: Biting temper and/or detached
Behaviors/traits: Tends to immerse herself in her work, always striving to succeed. She likes to prove she got to her position through determination, not blood ties. Always has a few drinks after work to unwind. Stays pretty much to herself to avoid getting too close to people again after offering her heart to Draco and things not going well. But has opened her heart to Theodore Nott and is hoping for the best.
Usually found: In her office at work fixing the latest meltdown, or in bed with Theo.
Bad habits: Bites her bottom lip when she's horny and/or thinking about someone she cares about.
Biggest fear: Trusting her heart in someone else's hands.

Romance Status

Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Past relationships: Draco Malfoy, Tracey Davis, Millicent Bulstrode and a few nameless one offs
Current interests: Is currently in a on and off relationship with Theodore Nott.


Childhood home: Parkinson Estate
Blood status: Pure
Parents: Armand (deceased) and Prudence Parkinson
Sibling(s): None
History: Pansy grew up in the large and lavish home with her parents. When not visiting with other pureblood families, she spent most of her time outside, exploring the far reaches of their land. When she attended Hogwarts, she spent her winters with her family in secondary home in South America. Summers were spent back at Parkinson Manor.

After leaving Hogwarts, she set out to find her own way in life as to not become a Death Eater like her father, Armand. Shortly after leaving home, her father became a casualty of war. Wanting to prove to her mother that she would not have the same fate, and to get away from painful memories her mother would always bring up, Pansy got her own flat with her trust fund and picked up a meager job at the Daily Prophet, easily working her way through the departments. After becoming Editor-in-chief at the end of 2002, her mother bought a large share of the paper as a gift for her daughter for proving that she could do it on her own.

She shared a flat with her lover and best friend, Millicent, until her friendship with Theo led to her cheating on Millie. They've yet to speak on the flat in currently vacant as they both moved out to avoid the memories.


House: Slytherin
Best subject: Transfigurations and Potions
Worst subject: Charms and Care of Magical Creatures
Interests: Writing, exploring, interpreting people's actions
Usually found: Outdoors, looking for her next adventure